'Apple Tree' is out NOW!!

Date: 27th November 2023

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Our new single 'Apple Tree' is out NOW on all the usual platforms! 

We'd be so happy if you could visit Spotify to stream the song or head over to iTunes and download it from there!

"Apple Tree" is a musical journey that transports listeners to the lazy, hazy days at the end of summer, painting a heart-warming picture of a life well lived alongside the one you love. The song is a reminder to treasure each day and appreciate those small, unplanned, and unassuming moments that often become the most cherished memories.

"Some of our most treasured moments as a couple have been simple ones. Sitting in a favourite spot, perhaps with a glass of something cool, and relaxing together in the evening sun. We wrote 'Apple Tree' about one of those very special moments. We hope it will serve as a reminder that, when a rare moment of peace and happiness occurs, however that moment comes about, we should take time and treasure every single second."