When We Move - Single

Our latest new song, written and recorded in lockdown, deals with the difficult time in a relationship when someone must back down and make the first move to reconcile a disagreement. The musical arrangement is simple but supports the vocal at every turn.

The pedal steel and acoustic guitar combine to deliver a classic country feel, while the 6/8 time-signature brings a touch of folk into the mix.

Early Reviews

"This song is stunning and that pedal steel mixed with the harmonies, what a song!!  The vocals were so beautiful too and the cover, Tennessee Twin have put a lot into this song! It's a best of 2021 contender!!!" - Linda Conway - Voice Of A Woman (SATA)

"Cambridgeshire based Tennessee Twin, with remarkably little, are able to say so much in a most moving and beautiful way with their new single 'When We Move'". - Chris Farle, W21Music.com

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