Rewind - Single

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Our new single for August 2021!

"Youth is wasted on the young" or so they say...

There's a point in everyones life when they stop wanting to be older and start wanting to younger again. At this point history often comes with rose-tinted spectacles. If only we knew back then how much we would come to miss the old days?

'Rewind' is our brand new single from Tennessee Twin with a mix of nostalgia and good advice as it's core theme. The song features a classic '90s country vibe that drives the song along with a super-catchy hook and a foot-stomping rhythm! The story-telling lyrics, in Tennessee Twin's inimitable style, bring some familiar memories to life along with some good ole' home-spun advice for all

"Can't take it back, can't start again, no peaking round the last bend. Life ain't got no rewind!"


Victoria Mills - vocals, organ

Geoff Meads - vocals, guitars

Sarah Jory - Pedal steel, slide guitar

Charles Landymore - bass

Chris Brush - drums

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