Rear View Mirror - Single

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"A captivating performance that showcases the rich harmonic passion of these two talented musicians & leaves you with an instantly gratifying & lasting impression"

Fierce & Fabulous Revolution

"It’s one of those fantastic songs that sounds great live and produced! The song is a great testament to not looking back at those ‘cracks in the rear view mirror‘ and has a real joyous feel to it.'"- Nick Cantwell, Belles & Gals

"This single really resonates with so many people and is brilliantly produced!" - Country Music Avenue

Have something in your past you regret? Life's too short for looking back, it's time to look forward.

'Rear View Mirror' is an anthem to looking forward. This new and upbeat song celebrates brighter days ahead and reminds us that the past is, well, the past. Arranged with an Americana / Country pop  feel the lyrical journey starts at the moment of decision to move on and celebrates a new way of life, forgetting mistakes of the past - the 'Cracks In The Rear View Mirror'. It's the perfect soundtrack for forgetting the rain and wind of today and looking forward to the sunshine of tomorrow.

Written and sung by Geoff & Victoria Meads (aka 'Tennessee Twin') the song also features the duo's regular band 'The Railroad Preachers' plus, guesting on Dobro and Pedal Steel Guitar, the phenomenal Sarah Jory.

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