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"Fit To Love" is a triumph in the genre of Americana music. The duo's artistry shines brightly through their evocative storytelling, impeccable harmonies, and skilled musicianship." - Nashville Calling

"Tennessee Twin have gone for a rocky, almost darker edge with their new single Fit To Love - and it suits Victoria's voice almost perfectly!  The vocal is backed with a great guitar line and instrumentation and of course complementary backing vocals.  Turn this one right up and rock out!" - Silverball Country

Tennessee Twin's latest single 'Fit To Love' powerfully weaves together intricate melodies with a slick electric guitar and a powerful lead vocal from Victoria that exudes confidence and packs a real punch, along with lush harmonies that transport listeners to a place of introspection and connection. Fearlessly exploring the complexities of love, the lyrics delve into the relentless pursuit of authentic human connection, shedding light on the unfortunate situations where we may find ourselves entangled with someone who isn't true to their initial portrayal.

The brand new single was released on Friday 8th September 2023.

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